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Unheimlich - Over het IJ

In a visualy poetic, sometimes abstract short and heavy performance. Finn deal’s with the realisation that all fear comes from within, that it’s a result of our imagination, it isn’t real. But does that make it any less scary? Performed in a small bunker like structure on the NDSM werf in Amsterdam the viewer is invited to witnes this overwhelming performance in a a claustrophobic, dark and closed off setting.

Concept & Performance: Finn Borath

Technical, emotional and All-round support: Cor Langerak

Coaching: Maurice Bogaert & Liet Lenshoek

Production: Jakob Proyer

Produced by: Stichting Likeminds, Over het IJ festival & Oerol Terschelling
Duration: 15 Minutes


Photo's: Moon Saris

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